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Whole House Audio & Video
Whole House Audio & Video

With a Whole House Audio & Video System you can easily distribute your favorite music, movies, & television shows throughout the house.
If you like to listen to music then nothing makes the day more enjoyable than listening to your favorite tunes anywhere inside (or outside) the house whether you ware at work or at play. Music is great for setting the mood as well. Listen to a little Jazz while having dinner, some high energy music for the workout room, and even let the kids listen to their own music in their bedrooms.

With an integrated audio system you can select your music from a variety of sources. Here are just a few examples:
• iPod, iPad, & other MP3 devices
• Digital Music Server setup on your computer network
• iTunes libraries directly from your PCs
• Internet Music Sources such as Pandora, TuneIn, Rhapsody, Spotify, Sirius/XM, and many more
• More than 100,000 Radio Stations Worldwide, Podcasts and Shows

With our integrated music system we take the clutter out of the rooms and leave you great sounding music in all of your favorite rooms with a simple, easy to use, interface that allows everyone to listen to their music, their way.
With todays technology most televisions are now being installed on walls and even in walls. This leaves no place for the standard devices needed such as Cable or Satellite boxes as well as Blu-Ray players, AppleTV, & Game Consoles.
With our integrated video distribution we can remotely locate all of these devices elsewhere in the home. This allows you to utilize more space in the rooms and provides for a much cleaner looking room. Another advantage to a video distribution system is being able to view any source (Blu-Ray, AppleTV, Satellite) on any television in the home. This can reduce the number of source devices you need in the home and allow you to watch your favorite movies and shows anywhere in the home.

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