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Home Automation
Home Automation

When properly designed and implemented a home automation system can make your house easy to control from anywhere in the world. The automation system can also reduce your operating costs by making your house even greener.

Home Automation 1

Smartphones & Tablets are changing the world of home automation. Application developers are working furiously to develop apps to control different devices in your home such as your lights, heating & air, TV, Blu-Ray player, etc… The problem with this is that you have an app for each device that you must initiate and then move from app to app to make adjustments around the home. This can become very time consuming and even frustrating when you realize someone has moved your apps around and you have to go hunt them down again.


Our Home Automation app allows us to control all of your sub-systems; lighting, home theater, whole-house music, security, cameras, climate control, etc., using a single app. Once you open the app you simply select what you want to control and all of the related controls will be available as well. The app is very intuitive, easy to use, and available on all iOS and Android devices.

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By integrating all of the sub-systems of your home into an automation system you can easily perform tasks such as; turning off all the lights, arming the security system, turning off all audio & video equipment, & adjusting the climate control, all with the touch of a single button on your smartphone or tablet device.

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