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Computer & Wireless Networks
Computer & Wireless Networks

Today, we rely on computer & network technology more than ever. Most our consumer electronic devices (televisions, Blu-Ray players, mobile phones, etc.) require network and internet connectivity for full functionality. We are now starting to see appliances that have these same requirements. As this trend continues it is vital that your home network & Wi-Fi system be able to reliably transfer information back and forth.

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Video on Demand, Streaming Movies & TV Shows, Internet Radio, Streaming Music services, & Wi-Fi printers, etc., are just some of the many services that use your network. The typical wireless router cannot efficiently support all of these types of devices simultaneously. Our advanced networking products are designed to handle multiple devices running multiple services to ensure that things like your Netflix movies go uninterrupted and your Pandora Music never skips a beat.


Connected Technology Solutions will design and implement a Network & Wi-Fi system for you that utilize the latest technologies so that you can be assured you will get the full capabilities of your networked devices without interruption.

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